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In full time and part time recruitment services, our expert career advisors will introduce the best job seekers to you.

5 distinctive features of e-Job 5 distinctive features of e-Job
1 1 Simple and
reasonable introduction fee
Our introduction fee calculation is not based on the percentage of annual income, instead, for full time staff, it is set to one month's salary. Therefore, our fees is simple and reasonable.
2 2 Fully lined-up human resource (HR) introduction
As a Japanese recruitment agency in Hong Kong, we offer not only full time and part-time staff, but also introduce internships and interpreter resources on contract.
3 3 Portal site which facilitates you to acquire job seekers based on various aspects
Our website has functions for companies to directly scout job seekers, in addition to functions for job seekers to apply directly to companies. We also provide very useful and helpful information for job seekers.
4 Community operations
We call the 22nd of every month the “Good Job Day.” We conduct round-table discussions for housewives in the noon and at night, seminar cum exchange meeting for personnel seeking job change, corporate directors, and human resource personnel.
5 Support for obtaining a visa
We provide support services to people applying for a visa to work in Hong Kong. We offer consultation to companies as well as job seekers, so please feel free to contact us.

Price list for recruitment services

Form of employment Recruitment service fee Guarantee period
Full-time employment One month's salary of the employer One month from the date of joining
Part-time employment Higher of one month's salary of the employer or HK $5,000. One week from the date of joining
Internship Higher of one month's salary of the employer or HK $5,000. One week from the date of joining

* If the employment contract gets canceled within the guarantee period, we will not be taking any recruitment service fee.

Overview of our company’s recruitment service (Lowest service fee)

Service comparison with Japanese recruitment agency

Our company General Japanese recruitment agency
Recruitment service fee One month’s salary (about 8% of annual income) 25% of annual income
In case of early quitting of job Zero service fee, if terminated within one month (or a different candidate will be introduced) 50% of service fee, if terminated within three months (or a different candidate will be introduce)
Available human resources Full time employee, contract employee, fixed-term employee, part-time, event staff, interpreter, internship, etc. Full time employee

Two-third of recruitment cost will be reduced!

* If the employer's monthly salary is HK$25,000, e-Job’s introduction fee will be HK$25,000
For general recruitment companies, this will become HK$25,000 ×13 months × 25% of annual income = HK$81,250

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Human resources introduced and dispatched

e-Job supports the introduction of interpreter, domestic helper ( live-in type/contract type), etc, in addition to full time and part-time staff.

Full-time Full-time
Part-time Part-time
Interpreter Interpreter
Intern/Working holiday Intern/Working holiday
Tutor Tutor
Domestic helper Domestic helper

Introduction result (Partial)

  • Sales staff
  • Reception staff
  • General affairs staff
  • Accounting staff
  • Human resources staff
  • Customer service staff
  • Technical engineer
  • IT engineer
  • Consultant
  • Editor
  • Chef
  • Hall/parlor staff
  • Filipino domestic helper
  • Hong Kong domestic helper
  • Quarantine support staff
  • Event promoter
  • Event interpreter
  • Internship personnel
  • Working holiday personnel
  • Tutor Other

Reason for the many job seekers in our company (Gift money system, missing in other companies)

In our company, there are two gift money systems, paid when an employment or job change is decided. The first one is the gift money for job seekers whose recruitment is decided. The second one is the gift money for the person who referred the job seeker whose recruitment is decided. Since there are no Japanese recruitment agencies that implement the gift money system in Hong Kong, to our advantage, more resources gather than in other companies. Like other companies, we also actively carry out resource acquisition using job change seminars, advertisements, business partnerships with other companies, etc.

Recruiting companies or persons considering employment or job change, please feel free to contact us.

Voices of recruitment companies

Truly helpful due to lower introduction fee
It is is efficient to use a recruitment agency to find resources but if the introduction fee is more than 20% of annual income, it becomes too expensive for small and medium-sized companies. Posting jobs into JobsDB is cheaper but you cannot expect persons with Japanese language skills to apply and also since you get flooded with applicants who do not check the job offer contents, screening becomes very troublesome. Since the introduction fee of your company is about 8% of annual income and is only one-third of that of other Japanese agencies, it is very helpful for us, as we are able to get plenty of resource introductions that match our expectations.
Requesting from a cheap HR agency is the key point
Our company has used numerous Japanese recruitment agencies for more than 10 years but we frequently get resumes of the same job seekers from different recruitment agencies. In this case, since there is a rule to give the referral rights to the HR agency that gave the first introduction, it is advantageous to receive the introduction from the HR agency with the least service fee. For this reason, our company requests first to your company with the least service fee and if a job seeker is not found, we request HR introductions from other agencies in the order of the lowest service fee.

Company Profile

Company name e-Job Agency Limited (易職有限公司)
Name of representative TAKAHASHI, Masahiro
Address Flat 1, 5/F, Cammer Commercial Building, 30-32 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
License number Employment Agency Licence 63457 Helper Agency POLOHK-0819-136
Date of establishment 21 June, 2017
Phone +852-2506-3118
FAX number +852-2366-4299
Email contact,

Other services

Domestic helper introduction serviceDomestic helper introduction service
Our company introduces full-time Filipino domestic helpers and part-time Hong Kong domestic helpers on contract, at reasonable fees.
Uchida-Kraepelin testUchida-Kraepelin test
With a history of over 90 years in Japan, this test is used by 700,000 people a year. From the test results, the characteristics and behavioral features of examinees can be seen in a minimum of one day’s time.

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